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(It is only recomended you only use the hacks or worldmaps if you know what they are for and need to use them)

Baldurs Gate EXP cap hacks:

(These all do the same thing)
1. BGhack.zipThis program will remove or add the cap on both Baldur's Gate v1.0.4309 and v1.1.4312, from Sgraffite
2. Permanant cap hack from razor 1911, coded by MiNiSteR
3. Hacked version of bgmain.exe (1.93mb ziped) (keep your old copy as backup)
4. Use this "UGE" module to edit the bgmain.exe
Download: The Module The Uge Editor Change the value to = 235
(From Sgraffite, with info from DrDoug)
5. Exp cap hack from Razor 1911
(CONS: Must run every time you run baldurs gate)

See All Movies

Replace your "[Movies]" section in Baldur.ini with this:
(This is NOT complete but I do have the full list and will update this later, bug me to update it if you want it)
(I do not recomend doing this because it ruins the game more than
cheating, but you can use it to compair to yours to see what you missed)


Use these by backing up your worldmap.wmp in your save directory and replaceing it with this.
It will effect the areas shown on the 'World Map'

Complete 'World Map':

Bandit Camp:
Spoiler: If you cant find the bandit camp: try going to the inn on the bottom left
side of bereghost and interogate the mage on the second floor bottom left.
or: - 'World Map' when you can't find the bandit camp

This has the maps that came in the box:
Incase you "lost" yours
Click Here
(end_maze_spoiler.gif is the route through the maze at the end)
Click Here For - cd graphics, quick reference card and box scans (Thanks Ikari) (From


If you want to cheat and give these items to your character, download and learn how to use
The Uge Editor
Here is a Mini HOWTO for uge to get you started AFTER you read the docs that come with it
Here is the module I made to edit exported characters with uge, please figure out how to use it yourself.
Do not repost without my name and url next to it.

Custom Override Objects/Monsters/Spells

These can be copyed into your /override/ directory in your baldurs gate
tree. it is recomended you backup this directory so you can restore it to
its origional defaults.

Item List:

Please to not reuse this in another web page without giving "Heph" credit
(If you add anything to this list for yourself, please dcc your new version to Heph on efnet at anytime)
Possable spoilers follow:
(It is very possable that I am missing many hidden things, EXPLORE!)
Item:	Description:		Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
SW1H01	Bastard Sword		2D4	10	8	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
SW1H02	Bastard Sword +1	2D4+1	9	7	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
	(+1 THACO)
SW1H03	Bastard Sword +1 *	2D4+1	9	7	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
	(+1 THACO) (2D4+3 vs Shape Shifters)
SW1H04	Long Sword		1D8	4	4	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
SW1H05	Long Sword +1		1D8+1	4	4	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
	(+1 THACO)
SW1H06	Long Sword +2		1D8+2 	3	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
	(+1 cold damage) (+2 THACO)
SW1H07	Short Sword		1D6	3	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
SW1H08	Short Sword +1		1D6+1	2	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
	(+1 THACO)
SW1H09	Short Sword +2		1D6+2	2	1	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
	(+2 THACO)
SW1H10	Short Sword of Backstabbing 1D6+4 3	0	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
SW1H11	Flameing Sword (No description)
SW1H13	Hull's Long sword	1D8	4	5	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
SW1H14	Moonblade		1D8	4	5	Not(anyone but Xan)
	(Other Stuff only for Xan)
SW1H15	Short Sword +1		1D6+1	4	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
	(+2 THACO)
SW1H16	Scimitar +5 Defender	1D8+3	4	2	Not(Evil,Neutral) Not(Mage,Cleric)
	(+3 THACO) (+2 AC)
SW1H17	Perdue's Short Sword	1D6	3	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
Item:	Description:		THACO	Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
SW2H01	Two Handed Sword	+0	1D10	15	10	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
SW2H02	Two Handed Sword	+1	1D10+1	12	9	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
SW2H03	Two Handes Sword, Cursed Berserking +3	+3	1D10+3	15	10	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
	(cursed, causes wielder to berserk)
SW2H04	-none-
SW2H05	Two Handed Sword	+0	1D10	15	10	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
SW2H06	Spider's Bane		+2	1D10+2	10	8	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
Item:	Description:		Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
DAGG01	Dagger			1D4	1	2	Not(Cleric)
DAGG02	Dagger +1		1D4+1	1	1	Not(Cleric)
	(+1 THACO)
DAGG03	Dagger +2		1D4+2	1	0	Not(Cleric)
	(+2 THACO)
DAGG04	Dagger +2 Longtooth	1D6+2	2	0	Not(Cleric)
	(+2 THACO)
DAGG05	Throwing Dagger	#	1D4	1	2	Not(Cleric)
DAGG06	Nester's Dagger		1D4	1	2	Not(Cleric)
DAGG07	Kylee's Dagger		1D4	1	2	Not(Cleric)
DAGG08	Hentold's Dagger	1D4	1	2	Not(Cleric)
Item:	Description:	THACO:	Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
BLUN01	Club		+0	1D6	3	4	Not(Mage)
BLUN02	Flail		+0	1D6+1	15	7	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
BLUN03	Flail +1	+1	1D6+2	13	6	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
BLUN04	Mace		+0	1D6+1	8	7	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
BLUN05	Mace +1		+1	1D6+2	8	6	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
BLUN06	Morning Star	+0	2D4	12	7	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
BLUN07	Morning Star +1	+1	2D4+1	10	6	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
BLUN08	Flail		+0	1D6+1	15	7	Not(Druid,Mage,Thief)
Item:	Description:					Deny:
AX1H01	Battle Axe
AX1H02	Battle Axe +1
AX1H03	Battle Axe +2
AX1H04	Throwing Axes
AX1H05	Throwing Axe +2
Item:	Description:					Deny:
HALBO1	Standard Halberd
HALB02	Halberd +1
HALB03	Halberd +2
Item:	Description:					Deny:
HAMM01	Standard War Hammer
HAMM02	War Hammer +1
HAMM03	War Hammer +2
Item:	Description:					Deny:
SLNG01	Standard Sling
SLNG02	Sling + 1
Item:	Description:					Deny:
SPER01	Standard Spear
SPER02	Spear +1
SPER03	Spear +3 BackBiter
Item:	Description:					Deny:
STAF01	Quater Staff
STAF02	Quater Staff +1


Item:	Description:	THACO:	Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
SLNG01	Sling		+0	+0	0	6	none
SLNG02	Sling +1	+1	+1	0	5	none
Item:	Description:		THACO:	Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
BOW01	Composite Long Bow	+0	+2	10	7	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief,Bard)
BOW02	Composite Long bow +1	+2	+3	9	6	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief,Bard)
BOW03	Long Bow		+1	?	3	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
BOW04	Long Bow +1		+2	+1	3	6	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
BOW05	Short Bow		+0	?	2	6	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
BOW06	Short Bow +1		+1	+1	2	5	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
BOW07	Long Bow of Marksmanship+3	+2	2	5	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
BOW08	Eagle Bow		+2	+2	2	4	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage)
BOW09	Long Bow		+1	?	3	7	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
Item:	Description:		THACO:	Damage:	Weight:	Speed:	Deny:
XBOW01	Heavy Crossbow		+0	+2	14	10	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
XBOW02	Heavy Crossbow +1	+1	+3	12	9	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
XBOW03	Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy+5	+2	10	7	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
XBOW04	Light Crossbow		+0	+0	7	5	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
XBOW05	Light Crossbow +1	+1	+1	6	4	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)
XBOW06	Light Crossbow of Speed	+1	+1	5	3	Not(Druid,Cleric,Mage,Thief)


Item:	Description:	THACO:	Damage:
BULL01	Bullet		+0	1D4
BULL02	Bullet +1	+1	1D4+2
BULL03	Bullet +2	+2	1D4+3
Item:	Description:		THACO:	Damage:	Deny:
AROW01	Arrows			+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
AROW02	Arrows +1		+1	1D6+1	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
AROW03	Arrow of Slaying	+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(kill orge mage on touch)
AROW04	Acid Arrows		+1	1D6+1	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)	
AROW05	Arrow of Biting		+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(posion 30% of total max hp unless save vs death)
AROW06	Arrows of Detonation	+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(6D6 explosion upon impact (save vs spell for half))
AROW07	Arrows of Dispelling	+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(dispel magic effecting target)
AROW08	Arrows of Fire		+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(1D6 fire damage (save vs spell for none))
AROW09	Arrows of Ice		+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(1D6 cold damage (no save))
AROW10	Arrows of Piercing	+4	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(+6 physical (piercing) damage (save vs death for none))
AROW11	Arrow +2		+2	1D6+2	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
AROW12	Arrow of Biting		+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(posion 30% of total max hp unless save vs death)
AROW13	-none-
AROW14	Poisoned Arrow				Only for(Eldoth)
AROW15	Arrows of Ice		+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(1D6 cold damage (no save))
AROW16	Arrows of Ice		+0	1D6	Not(Cleric,Druid,Mage)
	(1D6 cold damage (no save))
Item:	Description:		THACO:	Damage:	Deny:
BOLT01	Bolt			+0	1D8
BOLT02	Bolt +1			+1	1D8+1
BOLT03	Bolt of Lightning	+0	1D8
	(4D4 electical, save vs breath for half)
BOLT04	Bolt of Biting		+0	1D8
	(30 damage in 15 sec, save vs death for none)
BOLT05	Bolt of Polymorphing	+0	1D8
	(save vs petr/poly or turn into squirrel)
BOLT06	Bolt +2			+2	1D8+2


Item:	Description:			Class:	Weight:	Deny:
LEAT01	Leather Armor			8	15	Mage
LEAT02	Leather Armor +1		7	10	Mage
LEAT03	Leather Armor +2		6	5	Mage
LEAT04	Studded Leather Armor		7	25	Mage
LEAT05	Studded Leather Armor +1	6	15	Mage
LEAT06	Studded Leather Armor +2	Cursed
LEAT07	Studded Leather Armor +2	5	8	Mage
LEAT08	Shadow Armor (+15% Hide)	4	8	Only(Thief)
Item:	Description:					Deny:
CHAN01	Regular Chainmail
CHAN02	ChainMail +1
CHAN03	Chailmail +2
CHAN04	Splintmail
CHAN05	Splintmail +1
CHAN06	Mithril Chain +4
Item:	Description:		AC:	Weight:	Deny:
PLAT01	Plate Mail Armor	3	50	Not(Bard,Druid,Mage,Thief)
PLAT02	Plate mail +1		2	20	Not(Bard,Druid,Mage,Thief)
PLAT04	Full Plate Mail		1	70	Not(Bard,Druid,Mage,Thief)
PLAT05	Full Plate Mail +1	0	35	Not(Bard,Druid,Mage,Thief)
PLAT06	Ankheg Plate Mail	1	25	Not(Bard,Druid,Mage,Thief)
PLAT07	Plate Mail Armor	3	50	Not(Bard,Druid,Mage,Thief)
Item:	Description:					Deny:
SHLD01	Small Shield (ac 1)
SHLD02	Small Shield +1
SHLD03	Medium Shield
SHLD04	Medium Shield +1
SHLD05	Large Shield
SHLD06	Large Shield +1
SHLD07	Large Shield +1 +4
SHLD08	Buckler
Item:	Description:		AC:	Weight:	Deny:
HELM01	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM02	Helm of Opposite Alignment (protects aginst crit) (-cursed-)
HELM03	Helm of Glory (CH +1)	+1	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM04	Helmet of Defense (saving throws +1) (resistance +20%) (protects aginst crit) Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM05	Helmet of Infravision (infravision to 120ft) (protect aginst crit)
HELM06	Helmet of Charm Protection (immune to charm) (protects aginst crit) Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM07	Helm of Balduran	1	1	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
	(hit point max +5) (saving throws +1) (+1 THACO) (protects aginst crit)
HELM08	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM09	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM10	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM11	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM12	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)
HELM13	Helmet (protects against crit)	2	Not(Mage,Bard,Thief)


Item:	Description:					Deny:
RING01	Ring
RING02	Ring of Fire Resistance (+40%)
RING03	Ring of Animal Friendship (Charm animal save vs wands 40ft effect 1 duration 10)
RING04	Ring of Clumsiness (-Cursed-)
RING05	Ring of Invisibility (invisible while not in attack mode)
RING06	Ring of Protection +1
RING07	Ring of Protection +2
RING08	Ring of Wizardry (double first 1st level spells) Only(Mage)
RING09	Ring of Free Action (Anti-mobility magic protection)
RING10	Gold Ring
RING11	Silver Ring			-
RING12	Onyx Ring			-
RING13	Jade Ring			-
RING14	Greenstone Ring			-
RING15	Bloodstone Ring			-
RING16	Angel Skin Ring			-
RING17	Flamedance Ring			-
RING18	FireOpal Ring			-
RING20	Ring of Energy (Damage:2D6 Range:120 Effect:1)
RING21	Ring of Infravision (Infravision to 120ft)
RING22	Ring of Holiness (extra spell from 1st to 4th)	Only(Cleric, Druid)
RING23	Ring of Folly
Item:	Description:					Deny:
AMUL01	Necklace of Missiles (6D6 range:50ft area:30ft)
AMUL02	Necklace
AMUL04	Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
AMUL06	Agni Mani Necklace
AMUL07	Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
AMUL08	Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
AMUL09	Silve Necklace
AMUL10	Gold Necklace
AMUL11	Pearl Necklace
AMUL12	Laeral's Tear Necklace
AMUL13	Bloodstone Amulet
AMUL14	Amulet of Protection +1 (+1 AC) (+1 saving throw)
AMUL15	Shield Amulet (self) (ac base set to 4) (+2 ac vs missle) (5 turns)
AMUL16	Amulet of Metaspell Influence (memorize one extra spell per level)
Item:	Description:					Deny:
BELT01	Girdle			
BELT02	Golden Girdle (ac +3 vs slashing)
BELT03	Girdle of Bluntness (ac +4 vs blunt)
BELT04	Girdle of Piercing (ac +4 vs piercing)
BELT05	Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity (cursed)
Item:	Description:					Deny:
BOOT01	Boots of Speed
BOOT02	Boots of Stealth (Stealth +35%)			Not(Mage,Cleric,Druid)
BOOT03	Boots of the North (Cold resistance +50%)
BOOT04	Boots of Avoidance (+5 AC vs missle)
BOOT05	Boots of Grounding (Electricity resistance +50%)
BOOT06	Worn Out Boots
Item:	Description:				Weight:	Deny:
BRAC01	Bracers of Defense AC8			2
BRAC02	Bracers of Defense AC7			2
BRAC03	Bracers of Defense AC6			2
BRAC04	Bracers of Archery (+2 THACO)		2
BRAC05	Bracers
BRAC06	Gauntlets of Orge Power (str 18/00)	2
BRAC07	Gauntlets of Dexterity (dex 18)		2
BRAC08	Gauntlets of Fumbling (-10 THACO) (dex -2)
BRAC09	Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (+1 THACO)	2
BRAC10	Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (+1 THACO) (+2 Damage)
Item:	Description:		AC:	ST:	Weight:	Deny:
CLCK01	Cloak of Protection +1	+1	+1	3
CLCK02	Cloak of Protection +2	+2	+2	3
CLCK03	Cloak of Displacement	0   	(+2some)3
	(+3 vs missle)
CLCK04	Cloak of the Wolf (Polymorph into wolf at will)
CLCK05	Cloak of Balduran	+1	+1	3
	(25% magic resistance)
CLCK06	Cloak of Non-Detection (Not detectable by magical means)
CLCK07	Nymph Cloak (+2 Charisma)		3
CLCK08	Algernon's Cloak (+2 Charisma)		3
CLCK09	Mage Robe of Cold Resistance (+20% cold resistance) Only(Mage)
CLCK10	Mage Robe of Fire Resistance (+20% fire resistance) Only(Mage)
CLCK11	Mage Robe of Cold Electrical (+20% electrical resistance) Only(Mage)
CLCK12	Knave's Robe (+1 vs slashing weapons) (save vs death +1) Only(Mage)
CLCK13	Traveller's Robe (+1 vs missle weapons) (save vs breath +1) Only(Mage)
CLCK14	Adventurer's Robe (+1 vs crushing weapons) (save vs pet/poly +1) Only(Mage)	
CLCK15	Robe of the Good Archmagi AC:5 ST:+1 magic-resistance:5% Only(Mage/Good)
CLCK16	Robe of the Neutral Archmagi AC:5 ST:+1 magic-resistance:5% Only(Mage/Neutral)
CLCK17	Robe of the Evil Archmagi AC:5 ST:+1 magic-resistance:5% Only(Mage/Evil)
CLCK18	Knave's Robe (+1 vs slashing weapons) (save vs death +1) Only(Mage)
CLCK19	Robe of the Good Archmagi AC:5 ST:+1 magic-resistance:5% Only(Mage/Good)


Item:	Description:					Deny:
MISC01	Winter Wolf Pelt	
MISC04	Bassilus' Holy Symbol
MISC07	Gold
MISC12	Ankheg Shell
MISC13	Samuel
MISC16	Fire Agate Gem
MISC17	Lynx Eye Gem
MISC18	Sunstone Gem
MISC19	Turquise Gem
MISC20	Bloodstone Gem
MISC21	Skydrop Gem
MISC22	Andar Gem
MISC23	Jasper Gem
MISC24	Tchazar Gem
MISC25	Zircon Gem
MISC26	Lol Gem
MISC27	Moonstone Gem
MISC28	Waterstar Gem
MISC29	Ziose Gem
MISC30	Crysoberyl Gem
MISC31	Star Diopside Gem
MISC32	Shandon Gem
MISC33	Aquamarine Gem
MISC34	Garnet Gem	
MISC35	Horn Coral Gem
MISC36	Pearl
MISC37	Sphene Gem
MISC38	Black Opal
MISC39	Water Opal
MISC40	Moonbar Gem
MISC41	Star Saphire
MISC42	Diamond
MISC43	Emerald
MISC44	King's Tears
MISC45	Rogue Stone
MISC47	Golden Pantaloons
MISC48	Idol
MISC49	Melicamp the Chicken
MISC50	Skull
MISC51	Lock of Nymph's hair
MISC52	Wyvern Head
MISC53	Bowl of Water Elemental Control
MISC54	Child's Body
MISC55	Duke Eltan's Body
MISC56	Broken Weapon
MISC57	Broken Shield
MISC58	Broken Armor
MISC59	Broken Miscellaneous
MISC60	Spider Body
MISC61	Bottle of Wine
MISC62	Dead Cat
MISC63	Chew Toy
MISC64	Telescope
MISC65	Brage's Body
MISC66	Farmer Brun's son (DEAD)
MISC67	Brun's Dead son
MISC68	Abela the Nymph
MISC69	Helshara's Artifact Fragment
MISC70	Delorna's Statue
MISC71	Delorna's Spellbook
MISC72	The Claw of Kazgaroth (AC+1 MAC+1 SvsD-4 SvsW+3 SvsP+3 SvsB+3 SvsS+3 Con-2)
MISC73	The Horn of Kazgaroth (immune to 1st and 2nd lvl spells) (other stuff but hurts user)
MISC74	The Candle
MISC75	Dagger of Venom (1D4+2 THACO:+2 weight:2 speed:0 Poision:6per round,max 15) Not(Cleric)
MISC76	The Dream Potion
MISC77	Skull of Kereph
MISC78	Invitation
MISC79	Female Body
MISC80	Male Body
MISC81	Skull of Kereph
MISC82	Ancient Armor
MISC83	Key to River Plug
MISC84	Boo
MISC85	Mulahey's Holy Symbol
MISC86	Bandit Scalp
MISC87	Contaminated Iron
MISC88	Rabbit's Foot
MISC89	Edwin's amulet
MISC90	Chelak's Body
MISC99	"Plate Mail Armor" "cursed" and spear 1D6+3 and 3 damge vs wielder
Item:	Description:					Deny:
SCRL01	-none-
SCRL02	Spell Scroll (does nothing)
SCRL03	Protection from Acid
SCRL04	Protection from Cold
SCRL05	Protection from Electricity
SCRL06	Protection from Fire
SCRL07	Protection from Magic
SCRL08	Protection from Poison
SCRL09	Protection from Undead
SCRL10	Cursed Scroll of Weakness
SCRL11	Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness
SCRL12	Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
SCRL13	Cursed Scroll of Ugliness
SCRL14	Cursed Scroll of Summon Monster
SCRL15	Protection from Petrification
SCRL16	Cursed Scroll of Petrification
SCRL17	Cursed Scroll of Ailment
SCRL18	Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
SCRL56	Cure Serious Wounds
SCRL57	-none-
SCRL58	Free Action
SCRL59	Neutralize Poison
SCRL60	-none-
SCRL61	Cure Critical Wounds
SCRL62	Flame Strike
SCRL63	Raise Dead
SCRL64	-none-
SCRL65	-none-
SCRL66	Grease
SCRL67	Armor
SCRL68	Burning Hands
SCRL69	Charm Person
SCRL70	Color Spray
SCRL71	Blindness
SCRL72	Friends
SCRL73	Protection from Petrification
SCRL74	-none-
SCRL75	Identify
SCRL76	Infravision
SCRL77	Magic Missile
SCRL78	Protection From Evil
SCRL79	Shield
SCRL80	Shocking Grasp
SCRL81	Sleep
SCRL82	Chill Touch
SCRL83	Cromatic Orb
SCRL84	Larloch's Minor Drain
SCRL85	Blur
SCRL86	Detect Evil
SCRL87	Detect Invisibilty
SCRL88	-none-
SCRL89	Horror
SCRL90	Invisibilty
SCRL91	Knock
SCRL92	Know Alignment
SCRL93	Luck
SCRL94	Resist Fear
SCRL95	Melf's Acid Arrow
SCRL96	Mirror Image
SCRL97	Stinking Cloud
SCRL98	Strength
SCRL99	Web
Item:	Description:			Level:	Type:
SCRL1A	-none-
SCRL1B	Agannazar's Scorcher
SCRL1C	Ghoul Touch			2	Necromancy
SCRL1D	Clairvoyance (see area around you)
SCRL1E	Dispel Magic
SCRL1F	Flame Arrow
SCRL1G	Fireball
SCRL1H	Haste
SCRL1I	Hold Person
SCRL1J	-none-
SCRL1K	Lightning Bolt
SCRL1L	Monster Summoning I
SCRL1M	Non-Dection
SCRL1N	Protection from Normal Missiles
SCRL1P	Skull Trap
SCRL1Q	Vampritic Touch
SCRL1R	Wraith Form
SCRL1S	Dire Charm (charm without saving throw)
SCRL1T	Ghost Armor
SCRL1U	Confusion
SCRL1V	Dimension Door
SCRL1W	-none-
SCRL1X	-none-
SCRL1Y	Improved Invisibility (can attack)
SCRL1Z	Minor Globe of Invulnerability
SCRL2A	Monster Summoning II
SCRL2B	-none-
SCRL2C	-none-
SCRL2D	Animate Dead
SCRL2E	Cloudkill
SCRL2F	Cone of Cold
SCRL2G	Monster Summoning III
SCRL2H	Shadow Door
SCRL2I	Letter
SCRL2J	Letter
SCRL2K	Letter
SCRL2L	Letter
SCRL2M	Letter
SCRL2N	Letter
SCRL2O	Letter
SCRL2P	Letter
SCRL2Q	Letter
SCRL2R	Letter
SCRL2S	Letter
SCRL2T	Letter
SCRL2V	Letter
SCRL2W	Letter
SCRL2X	Letter
SCRL2Y	Letter
SCRL2Z	Letter
SCRL3A	Letter
SCRL3B	Letter
SCRL3C	Letter
SCRL3D	Letter
SCRL3E	Letter
SCRL3F	The Diary of Sarevok
SCRL3G	Vocalize
SCRL3H	Protection From Evil
SCRL3I	Scroll
SCRL3Z	Gorion's Scroll
SCRLZZ	Summon Cow
SCRLTAR	Bounty Scroll
SCRLNEI Bounty Scroll
Item:	Description:
BOOK01	Magical Book - Generic Holder
BOOK02	Spell Book - Generic Holder
BOOK03	Manual of Bodily Health - Raises Constitution by 1
BOOK04	Manual of Gainful Excercise - Raises Strength by 1
BOOK05	Manual of Quickness of Action - Raises Dex by 1
BOOK06	Manual of Clear Thought - Raises Int by 1
BOOK07	Tome of Leadership and Influence - Raises Charisma by 1
BOOK08	Tome of Understanding - Raises Wisdom by 1
BOOK09	Normal Book - Generic Holder
BOOK68	History of the Nether Scrolls (entrance into candlekeep)
BOOK70	Yugo's Book of Curses
Item:	Description:
WAND01	-none-
WAND02	Wand of Fear (100' range) (20' area)
WAND03	Wand of Magic Missles (1D4+1)
WAND04	Wand of Paralyzation (100' range) (10 round duration)
WAND05	Wand of Fire (6D6 Fireball) + (6D6+6 Agannazar's scorcher)
WAND06	Wand of Frost (8D6) (100' range) (1 creature)
WAND07	Wand of Lightning (6D6) (100' range)
WAND08	Wand of Sleep (60' range) (20' area)
WAND09	Wand of Polymorphing (100' range) (change to squirrel)
WAND10	Wand of Monster Summoning (12HD) (20' range) (2 turns)
WAND11	Wand of the Heavens (8D6 Flamestrike) (120' range) (1 creature)
WAND12	Wand of Magic Missles (1D4+1)
Item:	Description:					Deny:
POTN01	-none-
POTN02	Potion of Fire Resistance
POTN03	Potion of Hill Giant Strength
POTN04	Potion of Frost Giant Strength
POTN05	Potion of Fire GIant Strength
POTN06	Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
POTN07	Potion of Storm Giant Strength
POTN08	Potion of Healing (9 hp)
POTN09	Potion of Heroism
POTN10	Potion of Invisibility
POTN11	Potion of Invulnrability
POTN12	Potion of Stone Giant Strength
POTN13	Oil of Fiery Burning (5D6) (40' range)
POTN14	Oil of Speed
POTN15	Red Potion
POTN16	Violet Potion
POTN17	Elixir of Health (10)
POTN18	Potion of Absorbtion
POTN19	Potion of Agility
POTN20	Antidote
POTN21	Potion of Clarity
POTN22	Potion of Cold Resistance
POTN23	Oil of Speed
POTN24	Potion of Defense
POTN25	Potion of Healing (9)
POTN26	Potion of Explosions (6D6) (40' radius)
POTN27	Potion of Firebreath (6D10 to target)
POTN28	Potion of Fortitude
POTN29	Potion of Genius
POTN30	Potion of Infravision
POTN31	Potion of Insulation
POTN32	Antidote
POTN33	Potion of Magic Blocking (1st-5th)
POTN34	Potion of Magic Protection (50% resistance)
POTN35	Potion of Magic Shielding
POTN36	Potion of Master Thievery (lock+40% pick+40%)
POTN37	Potion of Mind Focusing
POTN38	Potion of Mirrored Eyes
POTN39	Potion of Perception (trap+20% pick+20% lock+20% hide+20%)
POTN40	Potion of Invulnerability
POTN41	Potion of Power
POTN42	Potion of Regeneration
POTN43	Potion of Insight
POTN44	Potion of Strength
POTN45	Potion of Freedom
POTN46	Potion of Stone Form
POTN47	Marek's potion of antidote
POTN48	Vial of mysterious liquid

 Some additions from -> Sgraffite + Ions + Ikari + Gistum + DrDoug


------Wizard Spells------------------------------------------
Item:		Name:
SPWI101		Grease
SPWI102		Armor
SPWI103		Burning Hands
SPWI104		Charm Person
SPWI105		Color Spray
SPWI106		Blindness
SPWI107		Friends
SPWI108		Protection from Petrification
SPWI109		Identify
SPWI110		Infravision
SPWI111		Magic Missile
SPWI112		Protection From Evil
SPWI113		Shield
SPWI114		Shocking Grasp
SPWI115		Sleep
SPWI116		Chill Touch
SPWI117		Chromatic Orb
SPWI118		Larloch's Minor Drain
SPWI201		Blur
SPWI202		Detect Evil
SPWI203		Detect Invisibility
SPWI204		Horror
SPWI205		Invisibility
SPWI206		Knock
SPWI207		Know Alignment
SPWI208		Luck
SPWI209		Resist Fear
SPWI210		Melf's Acid Arrow
SPWI211		Mirror Image
SPWI212		Stinking Cloud
SPWI213		Strength
SPWI214		Web
SPWI215		Agannazar's Scorcher
SPWI216		Ghoul Touch
SPWI217		Vocalize
SPWI301		Clairvoyance
SPWI302		Dispel Magic
SPWI303		Flame Arrow
SPWI304		FireBall
SPWI305		Haste
SPWI306		Hold Person
SPWI307		Lightning Bolt
SPWI308		Monster Summoning I
SPWI309		Non Detection
SPWI310		Protection From Normal
SPWI311		Missiles
SPWI312		Slow
SPWI313		Skull Trap
SPWI314		Vampiric Touch
SPWI315		Wraith Form
SPWI316		Dire Charm
SPWI317		Ghost Armor
SPWI401		Confusion
SPWI402		Dimension Door
SPWI403		Ice Storm
SPWI404		Improved Invisibility
SPWI405		Minor Globe of Invulneribility
SPWI406		Monster Summoning 2
SPWI407		Wall of Fire
SPWI501		Animate Dead
SPWI502		Cloud Kill
SPWI503		Cone of Cold
SPWI504		Monster Summoning 3
SPWI505		Shadow Door
------Cleric Spells-------------------------------------------
Item:		Name:
SPPR101		Bless
SPPR102		Command
SPPR103		Cure Light Wounds
SPPR104		Detect Evil
SPPR105		Entangle
SPPR106		Magic Stone
SPPR107		Protection from Evil
SPPR108		Remove Fear
SPPR109		Sanctuary
SPPR110		Shillelagh
SPPR201		Aid
SPPR202		BarkSkin
SPPR203		Chant
SPPR204		Charm Person or Mammal
SPPR205		Find Traps
SPPR206		Flame Blade
SPPR207		Good Berries
SPPR208		Hold Person
SPPR209		Know Alignment
SPPR210		Resist Fire/Cold
SPPR211		Silence 15' Radius
SPPR212		Slow Poision
SPPR213		Spiritual Hammer
SPPR214		Draw Upon Holy Might
SPPR301		Animate Dead
SPPR302		Call Lightning
SPPR303		Dispel Magic
SPPR304		Glyph of Warding
SPPR305		Hold Animal
SPPR306		Protection From Fire
SPPR307		Remove Curse
SPPR308		Remove Paralysis
SPPR309		Invisibility Purge
SPPR310		Miscast Magic
SPPR311		Rigid Thinking
SPPR312		Strength of One
SPPR401		Cure Serious Wounds
SPPR402		Animal Summoning 1
SPPR403		Free Action
SPPR404		Neutralize Poison
SPPR501		Animal Summoning 2
SPPR502		Cure Critical Wounds
SPPR503		Flame Strike
SPPR504		Raise Dead
SPPR505		Wall of Fire
------Special Abilities--------------------------------------
Item:		Name:
SPIN101		Cure Light Wounds
SPIN102		Slow Poision
SPIN103		Draw Upon Holy Might
SPIN104		Larloch's Minor Drain
SPIN105		Ghoul Touch
SPIN106		Vampiric Touch
SPIN107		Shapeshifts Brown Bear
SPIN108		Charm Animal
SPIN109		Lay on Hands
SPIN110		Shapeshifts Wolf
SPIN111		Shapeshifts Black Bear
SPIN112		Dispel Magic
SPIN113		Spiritual Hammer
SPIN114		Summon Dread Wolf
SPIN115		Summon Ghast
SPIN116		Create Poisoned Arrows
SPIN117		Berserk
SPIN118		Invisibility
SPIN119		Charm Person
SPIN120		Detect Evil
SPIN121		Protection From Evil
SPIN122		Shapeshifts Natural Form
SPIN123		Shapeshifts Natural Form
SPIN124		Shapeshifts Natural Form


 Some additions from -> SmokieZ

I just needed a place to store my item list so I made this page. I would normaly do graphics and all that stuff but I don't think its worth it here - Heph